She Says: Something about the old her.

I was a big kid, always a head (sometime two) taller than the rest of the class. In fourth grade, I remember a lesson about plotting data, finding a mean, and identifying outliers. At 10 years old, approximately 5’5” and 130 lbs, I was asked to plot my stats, which barely landed on the far right side of the chalkboard. What I learned from this lesson was that I was an outlier!

I was happy and active, but early growth spurts constantly reminded me I was bigger. It wasn’t until college that I realized I could no longer blame genetics. I could do something about it, and I did. But not the right way.

Many ups and downs later, I’ve finally settled into a lifestyle that works for me. A combination of running, easy cooking, and a fair amount of splurging  – BEER and Burritos!

Having HIM on my team makes the game more fun!

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