She Says: I have a confession

So, um, here’s the thing . . . months ago I got the bug to train for a another race. Eager for company and ready to try something different, I found 11 other fools willing to sign up for the Ragnar Great River Relay. This is a 24hr, 200 mile race, marketed as an all night party. Sounds great right?

Um yeah, well, now there’s less than two weeks until race day, and my pace has slipped.  I’ve been running consistently, but a combination of factors has ultimately slowed my roll.

Confession 1: I took the month of June off.  I know, but it was vacation!! I just kicked back and told myself that July and August would be enough to get back on track.

Confession 2: I like the treadmill. Running outside is great too, but the air conditioned comforts and visual distraction of the gym are hard to give up. Moving my runs outdoors has shocked my sheltered legs.

Confession 3: I’m bored. My motivation comes in waves, and unfortunately my final weeks of training have coincided with a trough in mental energy.

The solution . . . 1. Forget about June and recognize the progress gained in July, 2. get outside, 3. if I can’t get excited about running, bribe, bribe, bribe, . . . (burrito for dinner? long run done!)

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