She Says: something about unexpected motivation

This morning as I ate breakfast and weighed the pros and cons of heading straight for the shower or running and then showering, it started to drizzle. (August 8th and we have overcast skies and drizzle!) The gloomy weather swayed my vote and I decided to shower and make today a impromptu “rest day.”

As I was changing out of my sleepwear and into a towel, I realized, I could just as easily make this a productive training day and throw on my running gear before the the lazy me has a chance to change my mind again.

I did it! I made my move and headed out into the foggy drizzle for, what I promised the lazy me, would be just a quick easy jog.

As I turned down my street I passed a women walking her dog. When the dog reacted to me and tugged on the leash, the women reprimanded her pooch with the command, “leave it.”  I thought, “it?”

A little over a half-hour later, I passed the women again on my way back. I gave a courteous recognizing nod and prepared for a cool down jog. But, the women yelled, “Hey how far did you run?” I was caught off guard (and out of breath), and panted something about, “oh I don’t know, down to the little store and back.”

“4 miles,” she yells, “I clocked it with my car once. Good job!”

Wow, thanks stranger! I picked up the pace and headed into the home stretch.

To think  . . . I almost traded this opportunity for a regular old shower. Instead I got free words of encouragement and a victory shower!

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3 Responses to She Says: something about unexpected motivation

  1. stephruns says:

    good for you for talking yourself into a run- those are always the best ones!

  2. mostlyfitmom says:

    Love this story! Encouragement, no matter how random or in what form, is always welcome, isn’t it? Way to get your workout in! I kinda like those drizzly runs 🙂

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