She Says: A happy heart, and the stats to prove it

I’m so happy to have my heart rate monitor back!

I’m not one of those runners who needs a million toys with them when they leave the house. I don’t usually wear a watch, I’ve never worn a pedometer, and most headphones start to bother my ears after only a couple miles. That said, I do own a heart rate monitor . . . but, sadly it’s been dead for months 😦

It’s just the battery, and it took me all of 20 minutes and $12 to get it working again. I guess that says something  about how little I missed it, but boy was I excited to have it back!  I think it was just what I needed to make today’s run just a little bit quicker and a little bit further than usual.

I felt good about today’s run, but I’m still worried about the impact of higher temperatures come Race Day. The 10 day forecast predicts 80 degree T-storms. That’s not good, but how reliable is the 10 day forecast?

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2 Responses to She Says: A happy heart, and the stats to prove it

  1. I’m not sure which one of you just commented on my blog but thanks for stopping by!! I’m really excited to read yours, especially the concept of a he said/she said format. SO AWESOME!

    And coincidentally, I love beer and burritos too 🙂 Looking forward to reading more!

  2. mostlyfitmom says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my Garmin. I like to go back and look at old workouts and see how much I’m improving. It’s a little motivation booster 🙂

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