He Says: Motivation isn’t placed in your hand, you have to grab it!

Everyone has trouble getting motivated from time to time, but I’ve found that it’s the little triggers that kill or jump-start my will to workout. In the past (and sometimes present), I could think of a million excuses to talk myself out of exercising.

To combat those negative thoughts, I try to pump myself up with the promise of a healthy meal or recovery drink to follow. I also began recording all my runs times and weight repetitions.  Seeing at where I’ve been and where I’m headed is its own motivation. It’s the feeling of progress that really drives me when I’m moving closer to my goal. As hard as a workout can be, the feeling afterward is almost always worth the effort.

Motivation comes easier when I plan ahead. This ensures that I make time for exercise and am appropriately prepared for the conditions. Planning is especially important down here in Tennessee, because getting caught in the heat and humidity can wreck a workout. Growing up on the west coast in Los Angeles and Seattle, I’m not accustomed to the high heat index. I’ve been trying to run in the morning and lift in the evening. With no air conditioning, some days I have to choose one and squeeze it in early before it gets unbearably hot. The idea of working out before its 90 degrees is a little motivation in itself.

What motivates you to workout?

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