He Says: Rewards Are So Sweet

Speaking of  motivation . . . rewards are a great motivation!  I always love a tasty dinner and sometimes I like to indulge in a favorite,  even if it’s not so healthy. Using portion control for “cheat meals” is how I reward myself for working hard.

Tonight’s dinner was BBQ baby back pork loin ribs with a side of rice. Ribs are pretty simple to cook and are one of my favorites but are a little high in saturated fat. But, its hard to beat ribs and a cold beer on a hot summer night.

Finger Lickin' Good

My recipe for those interested:
Costco sells ribs  (fresh and the best price around.)

I take the ribs and season with a little bit pepper, salt, garlic and some cajun seasoning that I bought in New Orleans. I flash cook the ribs at 500 degrees to try to trap the flavor and juices inside. Then I remove the ribs from the oven and double wrap in tin foil. Turn the over down to 170 and let the ribs slow cook for about 3-4 hours. Any shorter and they are still tough, any longer and they are hard to handle and they can start to dry out. Once removed from the oven, I brush the ribs with a BBQ sauce and then toss on the barbecue to get the flavor and to carmelize the sauce a little. This is about the time when I crack a nice cold beer and wait the 10 minutes for the ribs to finish. I serve ribs with vegetables and rice.

Watch your portions, too many ribs will stick to yours!

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One Response to He Says: Rewards Are So Sweet

  1. Ribs sound so good right now.

    I like how drinking a beer is part of the directions. My kind of recipe!

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