He Says: Frolf – a workout for the even the laziest.

Since I left Seattle, some of my hobbies have fallen by the wayside. Extra running, lifting, and P90X has become my primary substitution for the activities I left behind. Despite my satisfaction with the results, working out can cause burn out.

Imagine my excitement when I found a Frolf course in Tennessee!

What is Frolf?

I’m sure at some point, you’ve seen this:

A Frolf Basket

Frisbee golf is a fun, mildly athletic way to spend a couple hours in a park. The game itself is pretty simple. It is played just like golf but with disc golf discs instead of balls, and baskets instead of holes. The object is to get the lowest score possible.

I’ve been playing for about 7 years and I love it!  It’s a great way to relax and take a little hike. People of all ages and skill levels can play, and most courses are public (ie: free) so all you have to buy is a $10 disc. They come in all styles from putters to drivers.

Its an addicting sport and I love to play on my rest days or even on my workout days if I can find the time.

If you haven’t tried it, check out pdga.com and find a course in your hood.

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One Response to He Says: Frolf – a workout for the even the laziest.

  1. hi thanks for the comment on our blog today!

    I thought I was the only person who has heard about frolf. Hilarious! But definitely a good time.

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