She Says: A much needed Monday

Usually, the start of the work week is no cause for celebration, but after a weekend like last, the structure of Monday is a welcome change.  This is especially true in the final days leading up to Ragnar’s Great River Relay in Minnesota. I still have a lot to get done!

I fly out of Seattle early Thursday morning, so I have less than three days to work my way down a growing list of to-dos.

One of the most important line items on my to-do list is “PACK.” Having never participated in a race like this before, I’m in search of tips and suggestions.

Like . . . .

1. pack clothes for each leg in a separate Ziplock bags and label which leg they are for. (This should help assure I have everything and make changing clothes in the back of the Van easier)

Other key items on my list:

2. Flip Flops – so my toes can breath while I’m not running

3. Sunscreen and a Visor – the midwest heat is one of my major concerns.

4. Chargers – Especially for my camera. I must document this ridiculous day!

5. Safety Gear – Ragnar requires every van to bring reflective vests, butt lights, and headlamps. We need it all to pass our safety inspection before the race begins.

Is there anything else (besides the usual travel necessities) that you experienced runners would recommend for a relay race like this?

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4 Responses to She Says: A much needed Monday

  1. Monique@She's Going The Distance says:

    super smart about packing clothes in a ziplock bag!! I never thought about that…

    Since you’re concerned about the heat/humidity, I’d for sure bring along a water bottle to carry/strap onto my body!

  2. mostlyfitmom says:

    Haven’t done such a race, but maybe wipes?

    I think there was a post on about this, but I can’t find it… One of the authors has done Hood to Coast multiple times, so she’d probably have great advice for you!

  3. Hi there – thanks for checking out my blog! 😀

    Looks like a fun blog you have here – for relay races I don’t have many tips except maybe keep some Body Glide handy? In humid conditions it can be especially helpful.

  4. The race sounds awesome! I’m excited to see how it goes… 🙂

    I know how you feel about the growing “to-do” list. It doesn’t matter what week it is, I feel like I always have one that is never-ending!

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