She Says: Ouch!

Day two is the worst, right?

Wakeboarding on Saturday shredded my back and shoulders. I can barely raise my arms high enough to wash my hair . . .ouch! I felt it on Sunday, but Oh Baby, today was rough!

It’s mostly my upper body that’s hurting – the legs are doing okay. So after work today, I took my legs to the gym for an interval workout on the treadmill. I did a mile warm up, 4 miles of quarter mile intervals, and then a slow 1 mile cool down jog – a total of 6 miles in just under 60 minutes.

(I’m not really sure that’s how your suppose to do it, but that’s how I did it and I was good and sweaty when it was all over.)

THEN . . . after wiping down the treadmill I bent down, with my right arm extended, to pick up up my gym bag and GOT STUCK! My crippled upper body couldn’t handle the weight (maybe 7lbs) of my gym bag from the bent position. I used my left hand and the arm of the treadmill to return myself, and my bag, to a standing position.

I’m sure I looked helpless enough to be the “before” in the infomercial for one of those senior citizen reach tools.




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2 Responses to She Says: Ouch!

  1. myFOODevents says:

    This post cracks me up! I have totally been there, where I cannot move a single body part because my muscles are SO sore!

  2. mostlyfitmom says:

    Oh dear! Is it wrong that I actually laughed out loud that you got stuck? Having trouble shampooing – have totally been there. You can console yourself with the fact that muscle soreness peaks at 48 hours, I guess! And it sounds like you had fun, so it was probably worth it 😉 Way to go on the run! I am definitely not that fast (yet).

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