He Says: 200 miles is a long way to drive

I could only imagine what it felt like to run the distance. I was able to get away from work for an extended weekend and help support Her and the other brave 11 for the race. I had been the default backup runner and with the amount of people dropping out, was almost forced into action. Luckily, every one made it and I was now the injury fill in and driver for Van #1. We spent 12 hours driving from Tennessee to get to the starting line in Minnesota so we were all very familiar with the inside of the Chevy Suburban.

The time in the Suburban went quite quickly as we were consistently moving a couple miles down the road in water support and getting ready to switch runners. When the second set of legs for our Van started, it was around 10:30pm and we were all a little tired. As the night wore on, I had to give up the wheel and let Her drive for a while and I was dozing and she was still all juiced up from her previous run. After an hour and a half of sleep, I was back behind the wheel and we made it through our third set of legs. I ran with Her on her third leg and also ran the last 2 miles of the hardest leg with another runner to help get him through the last part.

Overall, I think the run was fun but I felt a little lame just driving and only running 5 miles of such a long trip. I think in the future, a group run that doesn’t take so long would be better so the team as a whole has more time to relax before and after the race.

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